About The Food Coma Podcast

It started with host Joe Ricchio and a diverse group of guests having a discussion revolving around a simple food theme that almost everyone has a strong opinion about. It has now evolved into an entirely different animal that, while still food-centric, can branch out into very unexpected territory.

Produced and Edited by Chris Loughran of No End Media

Joe Ricchio is a Portland, ME based author who specializes in food, drink, and travel. He is the host of the Food Coma Podcast, in addition to freelancing for such publications as Bon Appetit, Vice, Boston Magazine, TheFix.com, First We Feast, and The Guardian. His blog, Food Coma, spawned a string of successful web-series entitled Food Coma TV, The Food Coma Show, and Off The Wagon with Joe Ricchio. Previously he was the Food Editor of Maine Magazine, Down East Magazine, and Decor Maine. His clients for travel writing include The Ritz Carlton, Lark Hotel Group, and Villa Europe Luxury Rentals.