Episode 2: Sandwiches featuring Spose

Food Coma Podcast Episode 2: Sandwiches with Spose

The second episode of The Food Coma Podcast welcomes rapper Spose as our guest to talk SANDWICHES. Spose is not only a wildly popular hip-hop artist, but also has podcast, is a children’s book author, and has a thriving weed business.

Topics range from why Spose hates lobster rolls to what makes a perfect grilled cheese sandwich to some very spot-on recommendations in the Sanford/Wells area.

Thanks go to our sponsors: Tourmaline Spring WaterAmethyst Elixir Company CBD Drops, and Living Nutz.

Also thanks to our sponsors at Head Games Salon for Body & Hair, as well as their superlative product line, Controlled Chaos

If you would like to know more about sponsorship opportunities, respond to Joe Ricchio at jsricchio@gmail.com

Production and Editing by Chris Loughran of No End Media.

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