My Seventies Kitchen Episode 4: Les Huevos Ricchios

In this dish, the black beans are the sun that all of the other elements orbit around. They are a dish I originally stole from a good friend back in 2004, though, in my defense, she also makes my red sauce and meatballs and has claimed that recipe as her own. I will say that these beans’ current incarnation bears little resemblance to the original. Still, I have to give credit where credit is due.

This dish is meant to be tailored to your personal preferences in terms of heat and flavor combinations. You can use any amount of peppers, as mild or hot as you like, and while I have recommended the spice blend that I use, feel free to tinker away.

It’s not traditional Huevos Rancheros, but it does have quite a few of the formal elements. If you do not have access to a Latin market in your town, there are easy substitutions. Sour cream for the crema and any melty cheese for the queso fresco will do. Be advised that this is not a breakfast to be consumed if you have a big morning ahead of you.

Serve with an expensive bottle of grower Champagne, such as Aubry or Gimmonet.

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