Drink Recipes from the show

The Shiso Julep

To complement the intricate flavor profile of Legent Bourbon, you’ll want to go for subtle and focus on aromatics. This is our East meets West version of a classic Julep

2.5 Oz Legent Bourbon

.5 oz Palm Sugar Simple Syrup

small handful of shiso leaves and mint leaves

6 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Crushed Ice

Gently press the herbs and syrup in the bottom of the silver Julep cup.

Add bourbon and crushed ice, stir for a moment

Add a bit more ice, so it’s like a snow cone, and top with the bitters

Garnish with a bouquet of shiso and mint. Some people enjoy using a metal straw, but I like to just press my nose into the herbs while sipping the bourbon for the maximum sensory overload

4 dashes Oran