My Seventies Kitchen Episode 7: hot and sour soup

One of the most important things to have in your life is a Chinese American restaurant that not only delivers but is consistently good. It’s rarer than you think. It’s often the reason I never give recommendations to people in this arena because, without fail, they always seem to go on an “off-night,” and then I end up looking stupid.

I am currently in a phase where I have a roster, if you will, of Chinese restaurants that all do specific things correctly. I have a crucial ordering strategy at each, and almost every time I stray from the game plan, I regret it badly.

I feel it’s essential to develop a few of the classic dishes at home for nights when you simply cannot risk being disappointed.

Hot & Sour soup, part of the “Holy Trinity” of Chinese takeout soups (along with won ton & egg drop), is surprisingly easy to make at home. The variations are endless, plus it allows for much more significant portion sizes than D1 – D18 Dinner Combos.

I have somehow managed to take up residency in a town that has zero options for Chinese delivery. This is idiotic and makes me angry – but this hot & sour soup makes everything all better…

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