Episode 17: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Conan, and Abraham Lincoln with Ray Harrington

Episode 17: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Conan, and Abraham Lincoln with Ray Harrington

In the season 2 premiere, we find ourselves in the midst of some very crazy times. Joining us remotely from Providence, RI – and fresh off of his appearance on Conan O’Brien is Comedian Ray Harrington. I’ve known Ray for a very long time, and I’ve had the privilege to both perform stand-up with him as well as host him on an episode of The Food Coma Show. In addition to doing stand-up full time (well, not NOW exactly but – you know), his other projects include the film Be A Man, and his upcoming series, Undependent.

In this episode, we make predictions about the next big historical drama for people to binge-watch, while recognizing the integrity of the Juggalos. Ray tells a harrowing account of the single worst show of his life, and I get wound up and sputter out my usual barrage of sentence fragments. Ray discusses his adoration for Slab pizza while fending off all of my attempts to get him to do his Mark Wahlberg impression. We discuss the business of stand-up and identify some important red flags for those just starting out. 

Please enjoy. You can also find the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play!, and Stitcher. 

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Production and Editing by Chris Loughran and Doreen O’Donnell of No End Media.

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