S2 E7: Spiced Rum, censorship, and the importance of being important enough to interview bob DeNiro with rich kimball and carey haskell

Something you may or may not know is that I’ve been doing a weekly radio show on the Downtown with Rich Kimball Show called “Shut Up and Eat” for 4 years now. I was quite excited to turn the tables on Rich and his co-host Carey as we discuss the wide variety of impressive guests that have been on the show over the years. We talk a little bit about politics until realizing that by the time this episode would be released, any news would be ancient history. So instead we watch what I think is one of hte funniest sports clips of all time, the elements of proper Gumbo and Hurricanes, and my ill-fated interview with Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo. 

This is really one of my favorite episodes and I hope you enjoy! Also, stay tuned for details regarding our new Patron program where we will be hosting the content for Food Coma: My 70’s Kitchen. 

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Production and Editing by Chris Loughran and Doreen O’Donnell of No End Media.

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