Episode 10: Water, Milk, and Zoroastrianism with Shahin Khojastehzad

Episode 10: Water, Milk, and Zoroastrianism with Shahin Khojastehzad

In the tenth episode of The Food Coma Podcast we entertain local legend Shahin Khojastehzad to find out what really makes a man want to spend an entire day consuming alcoholic milk beverages. Shahin is part-owner of one of the world’s foremost beer bars – Novare Res, in Portland, ME – so naturally, the conversation drifts that way occasionally as well. Just to be sure, we confirm that the only way to ever know that beer is cold enough to drink is to make sure those mountains on the can are sapphire blue. Anyone looking for any last-minute gift ideas will be delighted by the “12 Wines of Christmas.”

Shahin, like myself, is a discerning water drinker, and we talk about his experience with renowned Water Sommelier Martin Riese. Also, Prime Rib, the OJ Simpson game of Pogs and my father’s reaction to my eating prowess a The Sizzler. Lastly, for the Maine OG’s, we “Take it to the Showroom” to get this car FIXED for good. 


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Production and Editing by Chris Loughran and Doreen O’Donnell of No End Media.

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