S2 E4: Sax Solos, Life on the Road, and the Subtle Art of Becoming a Tycoon with Evan Smith

Musician and budding Hot Sauce Tycoon Evan Smith is my guest on the 4th episode of season 2. Evan plays keyboard, synthesizers, and sax in the band Bleachers, while his recording and performing credits run the gamut from St. Vincent to Bon Iver to Taylor Swift.

Throughout his musical career he has always maintained his enthusiasm for cooking, and has recently launched his own hot sauce (evansrockin.com) that even heat enthusiast Rachel Ray claims that she “Puts on EVERYTHING.”

I am intrigued by the classic 80’s “Rock and Roll Sax Guy,” and proceed to ask Evan a barrage of asinine questions about the merits of the Sax Solo as well as the Keytar. We discuss the ups and downs of restaurants that run on Sysco, modern life on tour, and opening for Billy Joel at Fenway park in 2015.

And of course, no episode is complete with a story about that time I did a bunch of coke and someone fed me a delicious 4-course meal – and why that was one of the worst meals I’ve ever had.

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