Food Coma: The Hell Out of Dodge – Aragosta

The first installment in our Food Coma: The Hell Out of Dodge series is, as it should be, Aragosta in Deer Isle, Maine. This is one of the most exciting restaurants on the East Coast, and we wanted to give a feel for what it’s like there in the off-season. We have caviar tastings, meals cooked on the beach, and libations for all. The crew at Aragosta work their asses off in-season. Though it is not ALL play in the cold months, it was great to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere without a busy dinner service looming.

In my opinion, chef and owner Devin Finigan has created something magnificent in Aragosta – an experience that must be seen to be believed. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of a busy New England restaurant in the off-season.

BIG THANKS to our sponsors, Taco Escobarr and Lazzari Restaurants in Portland, ME


All Production by No End Media

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